Seller Representation 

Dedicated client support is the foundation of our exclusive representation services.  Each engagement is specifically suited for the needs of that client.  Our program will develop multiple purchase offers which create options that maximize shareholder value.

Our program will confidentially lead you through a process starting with exploratory conversations to help you determine if it is the right time to sell through a transaction closing if a formal engagement is entered into.

This process includes:

Conversations exploring a possible sale

Comprehensive assessment of the business and market valuation

Preparation of a Confidential Information Memorandum

Research and identification of the target market

Presentation of the business to qualified buyer candidates

Leading all negotiations through closing including due diligence activities

Our team will work closely throughout this process with ownership, business management, accountants, attorneys and any other advisors at the direction of ownership.

You and your team need to be focused on running the business and making sure you don’t lose that focus.  Our team will be focused on driving the sale process; maximizing the sell price; minimizing tax obligations; maximizing cash; creating strong legal documents and identifying strong buyer candidates through the value-added services we provide.

We bring significant sell-side and buy-side transaction experience as well as owner/operator experience to the sale process.  This allows us to interact with your team and buyer candidates in a manner that demonstrates credibility regarding the opportunity in the industry and that translates into increased value for you.

The decision to sell your business is among the most important and complex decisions that you will make in your lifetime.  You may already have your exit strategy in place and need assistance in the execution of that strategy or you may be trying to plan that exit strategy.  In either case, we can help.  There are many structure alternatives and opportunities in the industry for creative transactions depending on the needs and wants of the seller.  We will talk through the options and discuss what best fits your needs.  Give us a call and we can help you explore your options.